CNS Clinical Neuropsychology Fellowships

We offer 2-year fellowships in adult and pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology through UNM Hospital. We are members of APPCN and follow APA Division 40 guidelines for fellowships. Application Deadline: January 15, 2021


UNMH Center for Neuropsychological Services (CNS) Postdoctoral Fellowships in Pediatric and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology

Join us for an exciting two-year postdoctoral fellowship in beautiful New Mexico. Our training program is a member of APPCN and is modeled on training guidelines set forth by the Houston Conference and APA Division 40 guidelines on specialty training in clinical neuropsychology.

We strive to train you to an advanced level of competence in order to achieve a board certification. While you’re with us at CNS, you’ll receive specialty clinical training in the assessment of adults or children/adolescents with a wide range of medical, neurological, and psychiatric conditions.

At CNS, our trainees develop clinical expertise with diverse populations from New Mexico and surrounding states. We provide a setting in which we strongly support and model a well-balanced work and personal life.

S. Laura Lundy, PhD, ABPP, CNS Training Director

Please send:

  • CV

  • Copies of graduate transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable as long as they are complete)

  • Statement of interest and goals

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • A de-identified sample neuropsychological evaluation report

  • Any research papers or reprints


Laura Lundy, PhD, ABPP (preferred)


Laura Lundy, PhD, ABPP

Center for Neuropsychological Services

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

MSC 09 5030 - 1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM  87131-0001


Application materials must be received by January 15, 2021.

Please indicate if you are applying for the adult or pediatric neuropsychology position as we are recruiting for both.

Interviews will be scheduled in January and early February 2021, and will all be held virtually. On-site interviews will not be offered in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You’ll have many options for your required didactics including:

  • VA Neuropsychology Case Conference & Grand Rounds

  • Psychiatry Grand Rounds

  • Pediatric and Adult Neurology Grand Rounds

  • CNS Case Conference

  • Epilepsy Surgery Conference

  • APPCN Virtual Neuropsychology Didactics (variable topics)

While you’re with us, you will participate in research and complete an independent project over the two years. You’ll have dedicated research time to do this. Our faculty research collaborations have included projects in TBI, epilepsy, neurooncology, clinical outcomes, FAS, ADHD, dyslexia, and alcohol abuse. CNS researchers often collaborate with the Mind Research Network (MRN), a world-class neuroimaging facility.

This postdoctoral fellowship focuses primarily on outpatient pediatric neuropsychological assessment of children and adolescents with a range of medical, neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric concerns. Clinical experiences will include multi-disciplinary pediatric assessment and/or consults (e.g., inpatient acute rehab evaluations, consultation in Pediatric Oncology Survivorship Clinic, prenatal drug exposure evaluations). You’ll also have additional clinical opportunities to round out your training (e.g., training in fMRI, adult neuropsychology).


This fellowship focuses primarily on the outpatient assessment of individuals with various neurologic, medical, and psychiatric conditions. You’ll have additional clinical experiences such as pre-and post-operative neuropsychological evaluations, Wada testing, fMRI for epilepsy and CNS tumor surgery candidates, intraoperative functional mapping during tumor resection surgery, and pre-surgical evaluations for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremor undergoing deep brain stimulator placement. You’ll also have the opportunity for minor rotations in various specialty clinics (e.g., inpatient cerebrovascular, clinical fMRI, Albuquerque VA Hospital). If you’re interested in other areas, such as pediatric assessment, we’ll work with you as well.


Our faculty currently includes three full-time pediatric and three full-time adult clinical neuropsychologists, as well as several part-time members. Three of our faculty are board-certified through ABPP. Our support staff includes an office manager and patient care coordinator, as well as three psychometrists.

CNS is an academic and clinical program of the University of New Mexico Hospitals and the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the only Level One Trauma facility in New Mexico. Training opportunities are broad and include cross-cultural and multi-lingual inpatient and outpatient neuropsychological evaluations and/or consultations for children, youth, and adults with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Neurocognitive Disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Stroke

  • Parkinson’s Disease & other movement disorders

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Cancer

  • Genetic Disorders

  • Prematurity

  • Neurodevelopmental Learning Disorders

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Psychiatric Disorders

  • Pre-and post-operative neuropsychological evaluations/Wada testing/fMRI for epilepsy & tumor resections

  • Presurgical evaluations for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease

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New Mexico True

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Clinical Neuropsych Fellowships

Director of Clinical Training

S. Laura Lundy

Center for Neuropsychological Services

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

MSC 09-5030


1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM  87131-0001