Mentored Scholarly Project Assistance

Each medical student has the opportunity to engage in a faculty-mentored scholarly project, as a requirement for graduation.  Designed to help students develop practical skills in the scientific method and understanding of the role of research in informing clinical practice, students will develop and complete a scholarly project in an area of interest related to medical science and/or health care. Students will publicly present their results prior to graduation.

With the completion of your scholarly project, you will demonstrate the skills to:

  • Formulate a specific problem statement, question, hypothesis or aim.
  • Critically review, analyze, and synthesize literature on an important scholarly topic.
  • Outline specifics for a detailed methods section, including study design, subjects, data collection methods, plans for statistical analyses, and expected outcomes.
  • Complete data collection and analysis of results relevant to the project.
  • Synthesize and publicly present results of the project.
  • Work effectively with a UNM faculty research mentor

Assignments, due dates, and contact information is outlined in the Medical Student Mentored Scholarly Project Handbook.