Preceptorship Programs

We improve the education of medical students by providing a progressive series of clinically based rotations that include primary care, rural health care and health professions shortage areas throughout New Mexico culminating in experiences in the student's chosen field of medicine.

Our Clinical Rotations

The Continuity Clinics 1, 2, and 3 provide integrated activities that focus on sequential skill-building opportunities that include the biological, population and behavioral perspectives. Continuity experiences allow students to work with physicians who have long-term relationships with patients, families, multidisciplinary health care teams and mentors.

PIE is the opportunity for students to learn in the setting of a rural clinical practice and experience what it’s like to be an actual practicing physician. In addition, students are able to integrate the skills and knowledge they have gained during the first year of medical school in a community clinical setting.

Medicine in New Mexico allows students to develop clinical skills in their area of specialty as well as apply public health skills and concepts they have learned to a community.