Professional Development Program

We help students improve their communication skills, clinical skills, and reasoning skills, allowing them to develop and reach their potential as medical professionals.

The Professional Development Program:

  • Offers coaching in a one-to-one and small group practice sessions in the following areas: communications skills, clinical reasoning, clinical reasoning, note writing, and professionalism. Sessions include feedback for students from faculty and standardized patients highly skilled in improvisational acting and verbal feedback.
  • Coordinates Coaching for Communication Skills (The Intensive) workshop for selected participants and students who volunteer to improve their communication skills.
  • Facilitates the Advanced Clinical Reasoning Block for selected participants and students who volunteer to sharpen their clinical reasoning.
  • Provides clinical refresher goals for students returning from a leave of absence.

Our faculty coaches come from different fields of medicine, and are motivated by a desire to help all students improve their essential skills.

For more information, please contact Assessment & Learning at 505-272-8028.