Rural and Urban Underserved Program

Our beautiful state has many communities that need doctors. When applying to the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine, many students speak of an interest in future medical practice in an area of the state – rural or urban – that is medically underserved.

 Why You Should Join This Program?

  • Fun, interesting, and rewarding
  • Tailored opportunities to build skills
  • Selected experiences to learn about work and life in underserved communities
  • Does not replace common curriculum
  • Does not add requirements

Benefits of Participation

  • Placement with students who share your interest in key portions of the curriculum
  • Selected clinical training placements in underserved communities with high quality attending physicians
  • Seminar series on topics related to health care and living in underserved communities
  • Opportunities to be part of scholarly work focused on health problems of the underserved
  • Visits to fun and interesting community events in underserved communities around the state
  • Advisement and mentorship with faculty that have experience practicing in underserved communities
  • Working together on needed health projects in underserved communities with faculty and residents sharing your interest.

RUUP Members
RUUP Members Chloe Williams, Beverly Williams, Bethany Cohneim and Lucia Xiong enjoying the beautiful Albuquerque weather.