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Graduate Student Nurses Association

The Graduate Student Nurses Association (GSNA) is a chartered student organization (CSO) member of the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) at UNM. CSOs address the common interests of group members and the university community. Officers represent graduate student nurses at the university level.


  • Represent, support and advocate for graduate nursing students.
  • Provide supplemental scholarship and financial information and resources.
  • Promote the scholastic, professional and social interests of the graduate student nurse while acting as a conduit for graduate student-faculty communication.


If you're a graduate student at the UNM College of Nursing, you're part of GSNA. During registration for each semester, you'll pay a nonrefundable fee that funds the group.

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Expect to communicate with the group online. The GSNA doesn't regularly schedule on-campus meetings because many members attend classes online only.

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Faculty Advisor

Van Roper, PhD, RN, FNP-C
Associate Clinical Professor

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