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COPH Education Programs

Build health equity skills in leadership, research and innovation. In our programs, you will gain hands-on experiences to learn how to become a change agent for health systems, community systems and community policies. At The University of New Mexico College of Population Health, supportive faculty will help you launch a fulfilling career that impacts humanity nationwide.

Signature Programs

A population health degree helps you prepare for a successful career as a public health professional.

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Degrees in Population and Public Health

Our degree programs can help you through a range of goals, all at one college.

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate population health curriculum focuses on developing multidisciplinary skills to understand and address complex local and global public health issues

Graduate Programs

Our graduate public health curriculum offers a more tailored experience to your education based on concentration with options for a minor in MPH, dual degrees, or to continue on with a PhD.

Virginia Whitfield
"The UNM College of Population Health helped get me on the career path I am working towards and helped me decide to continue my education in public health."
Virginia Whitfield, Medical Education Program Coordinator

COPH Admissions & Academic Team

We're here to help you find the best path to your goals.

COPH Advising

You will receive hands-on field experience in urban and rural areas. You will also be joining a diverse community of students at our college.

The UNM College of Population Health’s mission is to work collectively with communities and key stakeholders, so that we can improve the health and social well-being of all peoples in New Mexico and beyond.

The UNM College of Population Health’s vision is to be a recognized leader committed to achieving health equity and sustainable communities in New Mexico, the Southwest, and the nation.

The UNM College of Population Health’s Values:

  • We seek excellence in education, research, service, clinical care, and practice.
  • We view health as a fundamental human right.
  • Health is more than an absence of illness—it promotes wellness by encompassing the whole person, the community and the environment.
  • Diversity is power. Inclusion and diversity among our students, staff and faculty is essential to achieve health and health equity.
  • Partnership with communities, using community strengths, is essential to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions that impact population health.
  • We value and reward mentorship to ensure professional growth for students, staff and faculty.
  • We rely on teamwork and collaboration.
  • We seek integrity in our work and relationships, meaning people do what they say they'll do.
  • We rely on collective courage to address wicked problems that plague our world in the 21st century.
We commit to innovate, evaluate, and initiate change after rigorous examination of our practices and programs.
Pipette and petri dish.

Research That Improves Lives

Contribute to groundbreaking research in areas such as epidemiology, health policy analysis and health interventions.

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College of Population Health

Family Medicine Center
2400 Tucker Ave NE
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