Healthy Communities

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Population Health and support healthy communities through research, public policy and education.

Bachelor of Science in Population Health

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Population Health will prepare you to focus on the improvement of health issues in community settings.

The bachelor's degree prepares you to become a specialist in population health with coursework focused on epidemiology, program planning, research methods, healthcare finance, social theory, and more. You will learn approaches to evaluating health programs, advocating for policy change, and understanding national and global health systems.

Program Features

Our graduates have a unique opportunity to learn about and become agents of change for the community health issues and challenges of populations specific to New Mexico. UNM is committed to constant progress in health and health equity.

Graduates develop skills to promote the health of populations in a variety of domains from wellness to healthcare, from health systems to community systems, from health policy to community policies.

Your Future Starts Now

We need passionate individuals ready to change the world. Begin your path to population health today.

Take the Next Step

Plan Your Education Early

Make population health the focus of your undergraduate education, or major in both population health and another field to maximize your career options. Early in your education, talk with your advisor about your passions and career interests. This program also prepares you to pursue a Master of Public Health or a graduate dual-degree program.

The undergraduate population health minor focuses on the level and distribution of health within populations as well as practical approaches for improvement. Students will develop basic knowledge and skills to promote the health of populations. Speak to your advisor today.

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