Make population health your mission — and career

Bridge the study of population health, finance and policy when you earn a first-of-its-kind bachelor of science degree in population health.

Admission Process

The University of New Mexico College of Population Helath offers a Bachelor of Science in Population Health (B.S.) and an undergraduate minor in Population Health.

Bachelor of Science in Population Health

The Bachelor of Science in Population Health spans medical and health professions and public health, community health and health education. This major of study is the liaison between the study of healthcare systems, finance, health policy and health low, with prevention and wellness in communities.

All students seeking acceptance to the College of Population Health must meet the following criteria:

  • Admission to the B.S. in Population Health requires you to complete PH 101 Introduction to Population Health and PH 102 Global Health Challenges and Responses with a "C" or better in each course;
  • If you are interested in the B.S. in Population Health degree, please submit your BSPH request for information.

Degree Requirements

Full course descriptions for both the bachelor of science and minor can be found in the univsity catalog.

The B.S. in Population Health is granted to students upon fullfillment of the following:

  • Completion of 120 credit hours of course work of the prescribed curriculum;
  • Completion of the University of New Mexico Core Curriculum;
  • Completion of at least 42 credit hours of upper-division course work (such courses are numbered 300 or above);
  • Compliance with the minimum residence requirements, as stated in the undergraduate program of the catalog;
  • Areas of focus/minor credit hours may vary from 12-18 depending on the selected topic; and 
  • Maintenance of an overall minimum GPA of 2.00.


Minor in Population Health

The undergraduate minor in Population Health allows students to supplement their major with a focus on population health topics.

The minor curriculum is 18 credits and focuses on the level and distribution of health within populations as well as practical approaches for improvement. Students completing the minor in Population Health will develop basic knowledge and skills to promote the health of populations in a variety of domains that comprise the continuum from wellness to health care, from health systems to community systems, from health policy to community policies, and from economic theory to economic practices. 

If you are thinking a minor in population health might be for you, talk with your advisor about your career interests. You'll get guidance with your degree plan and practical experiences that help you meet your educational goals.

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