Minor in Public Health

Complement your current UNM master’s degree with a Minor in Public Health.

Minor in Public Health

Complement your graduate degree with a minor in public health. Build foundational knowledge of epidemiology and public health principles in just 15 credit hours.

Public health aims to prevent the spread of disease, promote healthy behaviors and ensure accessible health services to communities. With a graduate minor in public health, you will learn about the behavioral and social sciences side of public health, along with studying the science of disease causation and distribution.

Anyone currently enrolled in a UNM master’s program can apply for the public health minor. Contact your home program for information about adding a minor to your program.

If you are not yet a UNM student, browse master’s programs or apply online.

Explore Your Options

Find your graduate degree at UNM. Once in a program, talk to your advisor about a minor in public health.

Public Health Courses

The public health minor consists of three core classes—two required and one of your choosing—and six elective credits. For a full list of available graduate public health courses, please view the course catalog.

The six electives credits can be chosen from other public health courses. Electives are meant to align with your interests and research. All courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or higher.

 Required Core Courses Credit Hours 
 PH 501  Determinants and Equity in Public Health 4
 PH 502  PH Epi & Biostats I 4
 PH 552  PH Interventions for Health Equity 4
 PH 538 or PH 513  PH Epi & Biostats Workshop or PH Seminar 1
Subtotal  13
 One Other Course from:
 PH 506  Environmental-Occupational Health 3
 PH 507  Health Care Systems 3
 PH 510  Public Health and Health Care Management 3
 PH 554  Health Policy, Politics and Social Equity 3
Subtotal  3
Total  16



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