Population Health Undergraduate Programs

To achieve a healthier, safer community, we need people who are ready to affect change in the healthcare system. With an undergraduate degree in public health from the University of New Mexico, you'll be ready to step onto the front lines, improving health outcomes and access in diverse and underserved populations.

Choose a bachelor of science in population health if you:

  • Value diversity, self-reflection and critical analysis
  • Have a passion for affecting change in your community
  • Desire to improve health equity, making healthcare fair and accessible to all

In this degree, you’ll develop expertise to:

  • Learn about societal, behavioral, biological and organizational causes of health and disease
  • Explore ways to reduce health disparities
  • Examine policies, health systems and public health practices that can curb health risks
  • Work with practitioners and scientists from different backgrounds

Earn your Bachelor of Science in population health or minor in population health. Also, look ahead to our graduate and dual degrees in public health. Be a difference maker. Start here at UNM.

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We need passionate individuals ready to change the world. Begin your path to population health today.

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