Latin American Studies Dual Degree

Improve the health of Latin American and Latinx populations in the United States. Earn your dual master’s degree in Latin American Studies and Public Health.

Dual Degree in Latin American Studies

With a dual degree in public health and Latin American studies, you'll study Latino languages, cultures and societies while preparing for a rewarding government or healthcare career in Latin America or the US. The program brings into focus and reminds us that the very things that divide us are also what bring us together.

Choose this dual degree if you:

  • Are interested in the health and welfare of Latin American and Latinx populations in the United States;
  • Have personal, professional and academic ties to the region;
  • Value diversity, self-reflection and critical analysis.

In this dual degree program, you’ll develop expertise to:

  • Improve the health of Latin American populations and Latinx populations in the United States
  • Apply public health approaches to New Mexico, the Southwest, the United States/Mexico border region, and regions south of the border
  • Communicate in local languages, cultures, and societies to work effectively either in Latin America, or with Latinx populations
  • Critically analyze public health problems that are unique to these populations

Completing this dual degree, you will take 15 credit hours less than the two programs separately. Enroll in the Master of Arts in Latin American Studies/Master of Public Health (MALAS/MPH) dual degree program at the University of New Mexico.

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