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The New Mexico Center for the Advancement of Research Engagement and Science on Health Disparities (NM CARES Health Disparities Center) is a National Institutes of Health and National Institute for Minority Health and Health Disparities funded center at the University of New Mexico. Health disparities, and their effects on the health and well-being of New Mexicans, are intolerable yet widespread, affecting many of the people and communities throughout the state. While research over the last 15 years indicates that disparities associated with ethnicity, race and gender tremendously affect New Mexicans, we also know that traumatic life conditions resulting from the chronic strains of poverty and marginalization contribute to cumulative health concerns as well.

Resources for the NM CARES Health Disparities Center are earmarked for research focused on finding new solutions to the complex problems that contribute to these and other health disparities that affect New Mexicans. By forming lasting collaborations with interested persons throughout the University of New Mexico and across the state's diverse communities, we will work to find health interventions that are community-driven, culturally relevant, and sustainable for diverse peoples who live in this beautiful state. We invite you to explore our core areas: community engagement, research education and training, health disparities research, and environmental health. We welcome your involvement in our center, and look forward to your ideas for future collaboration and/or research as well as comments about the on-going programming for the Center.


Shouldering Grief: Validating Native American Historical Trauma

"Dr. Brave Heart, conceptualized historical trauma in the 1980's, as a way to develop stronger understanding of why life for many Native Americans is not fulfilling "the American Dream". Although, many Native Americans have adapted to an Americanized way of life and are healthy and economically self-sufficient, there is still a significant proportion of Native people who are not faring well."

Culture is infused in all

"I believe culture counts. Culture is infused in all of our beings influencing how we think, feel, and behave. My research has evolved into a mental health disparities focus. I am interested in issues of assessment validity, with a focus on cognitive assessment, for different cultural groups."

Understanding Our Vision & Goals for New Mexico

"the focus of NM CARES is to advance the dialogue on health disparities by focusing on the interface between the health care system and its underlying causes."

Envisioning Change In Health Disparities Research

Her first research project, while in high school, was to learn if and how people experienced racism in their daily lives.

She borrowed her family's cassette recorder and Super8 movie camera, drove to Albuquerque's south valley, approached people on the street and asked them about their experiences with racism.

Understanding Our Vision & Goals for New Mexico

"Students need a community of mentors and safe and respectful spaces in the academy to gain the confidence and momentum to creatively express alternative scholarship and ways of knowing."