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Neuroscience BSGP Concentration

The Concentration in Neuroscience Program will comprise one division of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP).  The program will lead to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree, with the majority of students obtaining a Ph.D.  Pre-doctoral requisites of the program are one year of BSGP core curriculum followed by an individualized program of upper level courses and scientific research in the laboratory of a BSGP-approved faculty mentor.  Students in the Neuroscience Concentration will conduct their research studies under the mentorship of a faculty member or an affiliated faculty member of the Department of Neurosciences, an academic unit of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the nervous system and to the comprehensive education and training of students in the neurosciences.  Research laboratories of faculty members and affiliated faculty members of the Department of Neurosciences conduct investigations in the fundamental areas of neuroscience, focusing on four main areas of study:

  1. Nervous system development
  2. Learning, memory, and substance abuse
  3. Brain injury, repair, and diseases of the nervous system
  4. Behavioral health disorders

The Department of Neurosciences has a history of training M.S. and Ph.D. students (please see supplementary information) using requirements that were essentially the same as detailed below for the proposed concentration.


To earn a Concentration in Neuroscience graduate students are required to take BIOM 509 – Principles of Neurobiology. The remaining 6 credit hours will be determined based on an individualized training plan for each student from the following options.

Required Courses:
Course No.Course titleCredit hrs
NumberTitleCredit Hours