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Apply to BS in Dental Hygiene Program

Required Advisement

Sessions are held from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. online via Zoom. Click on the link next to the date you are planning to attend, and you will be admitted to the session at noon.

Dental hygienists are licensed professional members of the health care industry who work to promote and maintain oral health in the population. Working in a variety of settings, career options include:

  • Education
  • Sales
  • Health
  • Management
  • Research
  • Public health

Qualifications for Admissions

The Dental Hygiene program at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine is a five-semester curriculum that starts in the spring semester. Each class of 24 students is selected through the Division of Dental Hygiene's admissions process.

Student selection is based upon grades in the pre-professional courses, state residency, work experience and a personal interview, whenever possible. Out-of-state applications are considered, but New Mexico residents receive preferential consideration. New Mexicans should be prepared to document state residency if requested to do so.

For additional information, including prerequisite requirements, read the attached brochure. BSDH Entry Level Brochure [PDF]  

Application deadline Aug. 27, 2021, before 10 p.m. MST.

Application Requirements

Application Instructions

  1. Apply for admission to UNM (if not already enrolled). This is a separate admissions process and requires a separate application packet from that of the Division of Dental Hygiene. You must contact the UNM Office of Admissions to obtain the correct information.
  2. Transfer to the Division of Dental Hygiene (if already enrolled). Students transferring from another institution or those seeking admission to UNM for the first time must submit a formal application to the UNM Office of Admissions. Consult the UNM general catalog for information regarding application and transfer regulations. UNM pre-professional students accepted into the dental hygiene program who are registered in other colleges (such as University College or the College of Arts and Sciences) must transfer to the Division of Dental Hygiene in the spring semester of entry into the program. This means that Dental Hygiene candidates actually complete two separate application processes – one submitted to the University, with a second submitted to the Division of Dental Hygiene.
  3. Complete application to the Division of Dental Hygiene through ADEA DH CAS online. Complete all portions of the online centralized application by the application deadline (September 1 of the academic year of anticipated enrollment in the Dental Hygiene program). Candidates are hereby notified that if any document is missing as of the deadline for application, the division cannot consider that candidate. Candidates are encouraged to begin this process early. Be aware that it takes considerable time for documents such as transcripts to be transferred from one institution to another.

More Information

Contact Us

For more information about our bachelor's degree program, please contact Rebecca Diemer at 

New Mexicans receive preferential consideration. Age, gender, disability, race, religion and/or national origin are not factors in admission considerations.

About transcripts: An overall grade point average of 2.4 or above on a 4.0 scale is required. Applicants without at least a 2.4 GPA will not be considered. A 2.4 GPA does not guarantee acceptance into the program, however.

About verification of shadowing or observation: Verification must be typewritten on official letterhead of the office/organization in which you have shadowed/observed. The letter should clearly state the hours and the name of the registered dental hygienist you shadowed or observed. Statements regarding the hygienists opinion of your suitability as a dental hygiene candidate are also appropriate. The letter must be signed and dated by the dental hygienist and contain a phone number for verification purposes.