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Learn how to apply and meet admission requirements for the Dental Hygiene Undergraduate Program at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Fees for BS in Dental Hygiene Program

Dental hygiene students at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine are responsible for a number of expenses in addition to tuition, online course fees, housing, board exams, books and other usual college expenses.

A one-time fee of $4,000 covers the purchase of the student instrument kit and uniforms. This expense is due during the first week of classes in the first year of dental hygiene school. This fee may change without notice.

Other Expenses

Laboratory and clinical fees are $2,000 per year except in your junior year, where it's $2,600. Fees are subject to change on approval from UNM’s Chancellor for Health Sciences.

Dental hygiene applicants should be aware that upon graduation from the dental hygiene program they must take licensing boards in order to practice. The Dental Hygiene National Board, which tests a candidate's competency in didactic material, costs approximately $400. Clinical proficiency is tested in a separate board examination commonly called the "State Board." New Mexico does not conduct a separate state board, but instead belongs to a regional licensing body called the Western Regional Examination Board. Although successful completion of this examination enables hygienists to practice in the states participating the regional board, it's quite costly – approximately $1,200. Please see the WREB website or visit Central Regional Dental Services for more information. New Mexico also administers a separate jurisprudence exam, which costs $110, and a state background check costs about $300.

Miscellaneous costs, such as graduation expenses and professional dues (including the student professional association) also arise. Such expenses can vary depending upon an individual student’s preferences (UNM's graduation expenses are not optional, however).

Please note that all fees are estimates and are subject to change from year to year.