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How to Apply

Application Timeline

Application Available:
August 1

Application Deadline:
First Thursday of November at 5:00 PM (MST) 

November -February

Final Decision Notification:
April 1

Applicant Commitment:
May 1


Students may begin their application to the BA/MD program on August 1 of their senior year.  Complete applications must be submitted by the first Thursday in November, at 5:00pm MST.  No priority is given to students who submit their applications early.  However, to avoid last minute technical difficulties, we strongly recommend submitting your application before the deadline. 


Applications submitted to UNM before October 1st will not be charged an application fee.  Simply choose the “pay later” option when you complete your UNM application.  After October 1st, UNM charges a $25 application fee.  There is no fee to apply to the BA/MD program.


• Complete your UNM Undergraduate Application for Admission, including official transcript requests (separate from BA/MD transcript requests).
• Request your official High School Transcripts High School Transcript Request Form for the BA/MD Program office.
• Request your official College Transcripts (if applicable) College Transcript Request Form for the BA/MD Program office.
• Obtain a copy of ALL official ACT and/or SAT Test Score Reports for the BA/MD Program office.
• Complete application for UNM Regents and/or Presidential Scholarship (if eligible)


Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants

  • Do I have to apply to UNM and the BA/MD program? 

    IMPORTANT: BA/MD applicants must complete two separate applications. Applicants must apply for fall admission to the University of New Mexico-Main Campus and apply for the BA/MD Program.
    Students already enrolled in UNM dual credit courses must also complete both applications.

    Completed applications for both undergraduate admissions and admission to the BA/MD Program and all required materials must be received by the BA/MD application deadline.
    Please NOTE: We strongly encourage you to apply before the deadline of 5pm (MST) due to technical issues that may arise with the high volume of traffic to our website at that time. Applications submitted after 5:00pm (MST) will not be accepted.

  • How many students are selected for interviews? 

    The BA/MD Admissions Committee interviews all applicants who submitted a complete application and achieved the minimum required ACT or SAT scores prior to the BA/MD application deadline.

    Interviews take place in Albuquerque from early November through early March. The committee will make their final cohort decision by April 1. Offered positions must accept their position in the program by May 1.

  • What if I have not received my test scores before the application deadline? ACT and/or SAT tests taken prior to the first Thursday of November deadline can be considered in the BA/MD application. If you have not received scores for tests taken in October or early November by the time you are ready to submit your application, please note the test date on your application and list PENDING where you would normally enter your scores. Send confirmation of scores once they are received to the BA/MD office via the instructions in the application.
  • What is the deadline for transcripts and other documents? 

    The BA/MD application must be submitted by the first Thursday of November at 5:00pm (MST). Applications will NOT be accepted after that time.
    Application materials (i.e. UNM Undergraduate Application for Admissions, UNM Regents’ & Presidential Scholarship application, copies of all ACT and/or SAT test scores, three letters of recommendation) MUST be submitted electronically by the November deadline. If you have listed your recommenders by the deadline, but the letters have NOT been uploaded, please contact our office for further instruction.
    Official transcripts MUST be postmarked by the application deadline. Transcripts sent electronically MUST be received by the deadline. If you have sent your transcripts through the electronic service Parchment, but you don’t see confirmation after 24 hours that they have been received, contact our office for further instruction.

  • What is the FAFSA deadline? All new incoming freshmen must complete the FASFA application by May 11, 2020 after their acceptance into the program to receive funding. All current BA/MD students must renew the FAFSA application by January 3, 2020 the priority deadline, for continued undergraduate funding.

    Note: Completing a FAFSA application early may benefit students. Contact the UNM scholarship office for further details.