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Why the BA/MD Program?

We are pleased to be recognized for our rural medicine program, currently ranked 2nd in the nation in rural medicine. 

BA/MD Undergraduate Scholarship

All BA/MD students may have their basic educational costs covered by the BA/MD Undergraduate Scholarship. The scholarship is applied after all other scholarships and work study awards. BA/MD students are required to apply for all scholarships they qualify for.

The BA/MD scholarship does not include personal and travel expenses, therefore the amount covered will be lower than UNM’s cost of attendance, the maximum cap of support that UNM allows based on federal guidelines.

Basic Educational Costs include:

  • Tuition
  • Student fees
  • Course fees up to $119 per semester
  • Book allowance up to $515 per semester
  • Housing allowance based on Redondo apartment rates
  • Meal allowance equal to the Silver Club meal plan for freshmen and the average cost of meal plans for upperclassmen.

This scholarship does not cover medical school.

This information does not constitute a contractual obligation; all scholarships must be confirmed with the Combined BA/MD Degree Program and may differ from the information listed here.

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BA/MD Academic Advisement

The BA/MD program is fully committed to the success of its students. As such, an extensive support network of academic advisement and academic evaluation is in place to measure and promote positive student outcomes. The key objective of the BA/MD academic advisors is to help BA/MD students successfully navigate the university system. The advisors provide direct assistance to BA/MD students throughout the undergraduate portion of the BA/MD program in such matters as registration, academic planning, and support services (including tutoring, program support and guidance). In addition, the academic advisors monitor student progress through the program, from start through the transition to the School of Medicine.

Academic Advisement Policy

All BA/MD students are required to meet at least once each semester with the BA/MD Academic Advisor for program advisement. If a student is unsatisfied with the quality of advisement from the BA/MD advisor, the student should meet with one of the BA/MD co‐Directors to seek resolution.

Tutoring Requirements

The Combined BA/MD Degree Program and the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) offer tutorial services in all physical science and math courses as well as HMHV seminars.

The BA/MD Program requires all first-semester first-year students to attend CAPS Services for a minimum of one hour per each math and physical science course.

The BA/MD Committee on Curriculum and Student Success can mandate CAPS Services as necessary in any subject for any amount of time per week.

BA/MD students are required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). In order to continue into the UNM School of Medicine, they must meet or exceed the minimum score required by Admissions.  

The BA/MD curriculum incorporates an MCAT preparatory course to prepare students for the test.

Health, Medicine, and Human Values (HMHV)

Health, Medicine, and Human Values is a unique degree program at the University of New Mexico. BA/MD Students take HMHV courses throughout their undergraduate degree and have the option to obtain a minor or a major in the program.

Summer Practicum

The UNM Combined BA/MD Degree Program at the University of New Mexico includes a summer practicum during the second year. For the practicum, students are divided into groups and sent to New Mexico communities for one month where they engage in experiential learning.

Health professionals mentor students as they:

  • Study the roles of health professionals and teams
  • Examine community health issues through a variety of lenses, including a public health perspective
  • Gain an appreciation for health care practices, processes and systems
  • Review literature
  • Converse with community leaders and residents
  • Observe health professionals in action

Whatever their choice of major, all BA/MD students complete core classes which meet the admissions requirements for UNM’s School of Medicine. Entrance into these core classes is limited so that students enjoy a low student teacher ratio. Professors use research based active-learning techniques that challenge students to apply information.


BA/MD students pursue one of three undergraduate degree options that emphasize science and liberal arts coursework:

  1. Arts & Science Major* (choice of any major, e.g. Biology, English, Anthropology)
  2. Health, Medicine and Human Values major, with a Health, Humanities and Society concentration
  3. Health, Medicine and Human Values major, with a Biomedical Sciences concentration

*Science majors may receive a Bachelor of Science degree instead of a Bachelor of Arts: this qualifies for the BA/MD program.

The curriculum includes five seminars and participation in a summer community health project (Summer Practicum) in a New Mexico rural or medically underserved community.

Rushi Mankad
Hobbs, NM (2014 Cohort):

I come from one of the furthest New Mexican towns from Albuquerque, and I’m always asked the same questions back home. Why did you go to school at UNM? Why this program? Yes, I had several far-reaching choices regarding where to take my life after high school, but I could not have opted for a better destination. Speaking on behalf of all of my peers, we are the most fortunate students around. A reserved seat in the School of Medicine at an extremely low cost with the comfort and security of being close to home – that is a package no college can offer except the University of New Mexico’s Combined BA/MD Degree Program. There are obvious reasons why one would come here, as I mentioned before. However, prospective applicants often oversee many other benefits. The twenty-eight students in my cohort form a diverse family; each one of us is so unique, from the goofy ones to the bookworms. Because we live together, we are always available to support one. I would also be shocked to find a college out there that provides as much love and care as our advising staff does; I go to school worry-free because of them. Furthermore, instead of being shoved into numerous science courses, we are actually taught about the healthcare profession and what it takes to become a true, personable healer. We are allowed to explore our deepest interests, thanks to the flexible curriculum we are offered. As you can see, we all are blessed to be a part of this unique program; I would be jealous if I was not. Getting here has been my biggest accomplishment and will remain so for a long, long time.

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