There is a dedicated computer work station available in our office for TOPAZ protocol entry. Call (272-0418/6806) or come down to BRF G37J and get individualized help with your TOPAZ submissions!

Office of Animal Care Compliance (OACC)

The OACC will ensure compliance with federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines. The OACC will promote the “three R’s” of replacement, refinement, and reduction when reviewing animal care and use protocols, and will provide services and resources that investigators need to accomplish their research goals. The OACC recognizes and emphasizes that animal research is a privilege not a right.

When do I need an animal care and use protocol?

All UNM affiliated personnel must have an approved animal care and use protocol to conduct research (including field observations) using live, vertebrate animals (amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, or reptiles) or vertebrate animal tissue (including blood). Breeding/holding, field, laboratory or tissue protocol forms are available to meet your needs. There are blanket museum protocols by division which cover research with specimens within museum collections. We use an electronic protocol submission system called TOPAZ. Power Point tutorials are available online which illustrate how to submit, amend, or renew protocols in TOPAZ. A Novell username and password must be obtained through the HSC Library in order to access the system.

Protocol Submission Checklist

  • Do you have your mandatory annual medical clearance to work with animals or their blood/tissues? If not, click here.
  • Have you completed all appropriate animal care and use training? If not, click here.
  • Do you need Institutional Biohazard Committee (IBC) approval for proposed BSL-2 or BSL-3 work in animals? If yes, click here.
  • Do you need Safety and Risk Service (SRS) approval for proposed chemical hazardous work in animals? If yes, click here.
  • Do you need Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) approval for proposed radiological hazardous work in animals? If yes, click here.
  • Have you submitted a Conflict of Interest (COI) form for grants associated with this protocol submission? If not, click here.

Additional Resources


Assurance Numbers

HSC Campus
Animal Welfare
Assurance # D16-00228 (A3350-01)
USDA Registration # 85-R-0014
AAALAC # 000222

Main Campus
Animal Welfare
Assurance # D16-00565 (A4023-01)
USDA Registration # 85-R-0002