OCH Programs

AHEC has three centers in rural New Mexico dedicated to growing a diverse health care workforce and serving rural and underserved communities by offering innovative health career curricula to pre-collegiate students.
OCH has numerous innovative initiatives utilizing Community Health Workers.  Learn more about them here.
New Mexico is one of ten sites across the United States to closely monitor and track foodborne and emerging infections.  EIP has a large team of surveillance officers that review charts, interview patients, analyze data and conduct contact tracing.  Learn more about their initiatives here.
OCH has "HEROs" across the state working in both rural and urban communities to connect New Mexico communities to University resources.  Learn more about our HERO work here
OCH has initiatives to address African American, Native American and Hispanic/Latino health issues.  Learn more about them here.
Since 2003, the New Mexico Immunization Coalition has been working to improve NM's immunization rates, to educate both providers and the public, and to keep immunization issues front and center.  Learn more about their work here.
OCH is one of three WHO Collaborating centers in North America. As a Collaborating Center, OCH presents its innovations globally and hosts visitors from institutions in the Americas and beyond.  Learn more about it here.