Scheduling Guidelines

Internal departments may reserve the Interprofessional Healthcare Simulation Center (IHSC); individual students may not make reservations. Consult the Guidelines for Scheduling the IHSC Space [PDF] for more information about our established scheduling priorities.

Requests are reviewed within three to five business days. The College of Nursing handles their own room requests for their respective-managed spaces (see below). The IHSC is a locked, secure, badge-accessible facility.

Prior to submitting your request, check availability on The University of New Mexico Virtual Event Management System (EMS). By requesting a reservation, you agree to follow procedures outlined in the IHSC User Responsibility Agreement [PDF].

Please note: The Monitor Room and corresponding equipment have been upgraded to SimulationIQ products. Contact Chris R. Kiscaden, IHSC Manager, with questions.

How to Request IHSC Space

  1. Reference the color-coded Facility Floor Plan [PDF] to choose your rooms.
  2. Check room availability on the Event Management System (EMS).
  3. If space is not available or the IHSC is not the right space for your event, consider our other options.
    1. For Domenici Center small group rooms, please email
    2. For Fitz Hall rooms, email
  4. If the space appears to be available and you determine you need the IHSC's specialized resources, then fill out the IHSC web form only for School of Medicine-managed space (orange on the Facility Floor Plan [PDF]).

College of Nursing

To request a reservation of the College of Nursing-managed space (blue on the Facility Floor Plan [PDF]), complete the College of Nursing Room and Equipment Reservation form.

Contact Us for Help

If you have questions about requesting space at the IHSC or if you require access instructions, contact the IHSC at