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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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The University of New Mexico College of Nursing recognizes a critical need, at state and national levels, to prepare nurses for the highest level of professional nursing practice. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, earned online, offers an alternative to the traditional research-focused PhD in Nursing and has an emphasis on practice.

DNP Concentrations

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Program Objectives

Objectives for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program:

  • Assume the role of the doctoral prepared nurse in teaching, scholarship, leadership and service.
  • Apply analytic methods to create, evaluate and adopt effective innovations to improve health.
  • Analyze, translate and apply evidence to improve health outcomes.
  • Engage individuals and communities to develop, implement and evaluate interventions to address their health disparities.
  • Facilitate optimal health outcomes through delivery of culturally sensitive care, including clinical prevention strategies, identification of risk, individualized interventions and formation of therapeutic relationships with clients.
  • Apply clinical, community and policy interventions to reduce health inequities.
  • Evaluate and critique social policy relevant to the organization and delivery of health care.
  • Integrate and evaluate information systems in patient care technology for clinical, research and administrative best practices.
  • Apply leadership and advocacy skills in the development, implementation and evaluation of health care organizations, delivery of care, and policy.
  • Utilize effective management and organizational skills to assume a leadership role in health care delivery, policy and systems.
  • Practice nursing reflectively, guided by theory, based on best evidence and integrating creative and critical thinking.