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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Contacts

The Financial Aid Office is providing remote services. If you need support please email

You will receive a timely reply – during normal business hours – addressing your question or scheduling an appointment if necessary.

Nursing school is a major investment of your time, energy, focus, and finances and requires some strategic planning and consideration. The University of New Mexico College of Nursing financial aid team wants you to have the most helpful information possible as you navigate through your financial options. Please take time reviewing this section to learn about your options for funding your nursing education.

Financial Aid, Term Calendars & Aid Disbursement

The bachelor's, master's, and post-master's certificate programs within the UNM College of Nursing follow different terms than the standard UNM semesters. This affects financial aid distributions during summer term(s). Summer awards consist of federal student loans and are offered on a customized loan cycle, according to the UNM College of Nursing policies and term calendar. State and institutional grants are not awarded in summer term(s).

If you have questions about award distribution dates and specific awarding policies, please contact the UNM College of Nursing Financial Aid Office.

RN to BSN Degree Completion

The RN to BSN Degree Completion option follows a 7-week rotation of classes. Financial aid awards are distributed during the second 7-week session of each term to ensure students meet enrollment requirements for receiving financial aid per federal regulations. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits per term (14-week period) to receive financial aid.

Doctoral Programs

The DNP and PhD programs follow the standard UNM semester-based calendar. Financial aid will therefore be disbursed to a student's account on the first week of classes.

Student Financial Aid Programs

Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, the UNM College of Nursing awards over $270,000 in institutional scholarships. All admitted and current nursing students who complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be considered for available scholarship funding. There is no formal application needed for these scholarships.

The College does have some specific scholarships that require additional applications. Notifications regarding specific applications will be emailed out to all eligible students as necessary.

Scholarship Opportunities

Other scholarship opportunities include: