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Program Activities

In 2012-13, the Pathways Program, then under the Urban Health Partners office, partnered with a consultant, Soda Creek Consulting and Dr. Bill Wiese from the UNM RWJF Center for Health Policy to conduct a study called "Health Care Home: Experiences and Criteria in the Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County Program." The final report summarizing the results of the study, along with an info-graphic depicting the results, can be found at as PW Health Care Home Technical Report.pdf.

The purpose of this study was to interview a cross-section of individuals in Bernalillo County to try and assess their description of what defines a “medical home.” Six focus groups were conducted with community members that represent Pathways clients, including immigrants from the South Valley/Southwest Mesa and the Southeast Heights, off-Reservation Native Americans, and formerly incarcerated individuals. Pathways navigators have also participated in two focus group activities, one in English and the other in Spanish, to provide their insights into the criteria that measure successful health care home connection for their clients. The final group of interviewees was comprised of health care facility administrators and providers from the major provider organizations in the greater Albuquerque area. This study was an effort to explore how the term, “medical home” is interpreted by provider organizations and users, and develop indicators of successful health care home connection in the context of the Pathways program.

Over the 2015-16 time period, a University of New Mexico graduate (and doctoral) student, Patricia Rodriguez-Espinosa, in collaboration with the Pathways Community Advisory Group (PCAG), conducted extensive interviews (~40 in all) with both current and former Pathways partner organizations to solicit their opinions and perspectives on the pros and cons of the Pathways Program. A set of interview questions were developed in both English and Spanish with a great deal of input from PCAG, and were administered to supervisors/administrators in each organization, and a separate set of questions were conducted with the Community Health Navigators.

Patricia went well beyond what was asked of her, and produced a PowerPoint presentation (PATHWAYS TO A HEALTHY BERNALILLO COUNTY: Are We There Yet?.ppt) that was delivered to more than eighty-plus participants in May 2016 at our Report-to-the-Community, and in addition, she produced a more extensive written report (Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County Program Evaluation, June 2016.ppt) that has been disseminated to the public, both locally and at a national level.

Finally, as of January 2017, the Pathways Program is waiting for the final Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be completed and signed between the Bernalillo County Commission, the All Pueblo Council of Governors (APCG), and the UNM Board of Regents. This MOU will determine the future of Pathways and/or the level of funding available for the next eight-year mill levy cycle (2017-2025).