About REDCap

Investigators can use REDCap to build and manage secure, HIPAA-compliant, online surveys and databases. Contact the CTSC Research Concierge at 505-272-3183 for a free consultation with a REDCap specialist or click here to request a new REDCap Account.

REDCap Features

Build online surveys and databases quickly and securely. Create and design your project rapidly using secure web authentication from your browser. No extra software is required.

Conception to production-level survey/database in less than one day.

Export data to common data analysis packages. Export your data to Microsoft Excel, PDF, SAS, Stata, R, or SPSS for analysis.

Create custom queries for generating reports to view or download.

Utilize a built-in project calendar and scheduling module for organizing your events and appointments.

Easily manage a contact list of survey respondents or create a simple survey link. Build a list of email contacts, create custom email invitations, and track who responds, or you may also create a single survey link to email out or post on a website.

Using 'Send-It', upload and send files to multiple recipients, including existing project documents, that are too large for email attachments or that contain sensitive data.

Save your data collection instruments as a PDF to print. Generate a PDF version of your forms and surveys for printing to collect data offline.

Auto-validation, calculated fields, file uploading, branching/skip logic, and survey stop actions.

Document the process of resolving data issues using the Data Resolution Workflow module.

Inject previously collected data values into question labels, survey invitation emails, etc. to provide a more customized experience.

Have external applications connect to REDCap remotely in a programmatic or automated fashion.

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