Patrick McKinney, MD

Emergency Medicine

Patrick McKinney, MD was a toxicologist and medical director of the UNM Poison Center who died tragically in a bicycle accident in Albuquerque. In his short life, Patrick made an enormous contribution to New Mexico and to UNM. As a specialist in venoms and toxicology, he played a pivotal role in the poison control center.

Patrick was passionate about education and was a frequent speaker at UNM CME conferences, not only in Emergency Medicine, but in any other discipline where he could reach out with his important message. He always received rave reviews for his teaching. Similarly, when UNM was running a “mini med school” for the public, Patrick volunteered to speak and again wowed the audience.

Pat was much beloved by students and faculty for his commitment to education and his love of toxicology. One colleague wrote, "Dr. McKinney was instrumental in my choosing a career in academic medicine during my time with him as a medical student. His enthusiasm and passion for teaching has rarely been equaled in our institution and he deserves recognition for this contribution and the lost potential due to his untimely death."