Diana Quinn, MD


Diana K. Quinn, M.D., was an Associate Professor in the UNM Department of Psychiatry and Director of Inpatient and Emergency Services at the UNM Mental Health Center.

A native New Mexican, Dr. Quinn completed her psychiatry residency at UNM (1988-92) and was a member of the psychiatry faculty from 1992 until her untimely death from complications of acute leukemia in May 2002.

Dr. Quinn worked throughout the UNM mental health system and she was well known for treating patients with compassion, skill, and a good sense of humor. She was also a respected teacher and won the prestigious Khatali Teaching Award from the UNM School of Medicine in 1999. She was a genuine team player and leader, and she highly valued the often unrecognized contributions from residents and staff members. She also recognized the importance of the community in mental health services and was involved in training police officers to better deal with mentally ill persons.

She had a very rich life outside of work with her loving husband, Lawrence Sanchez, and family and friends throughout the west. She loved hiking, dancing, swimming, knitting, and her dogs. Many co-workers remember her riding her bicycle to work, always wearing her helmet, and leaving an inspiring image of health and environmental consciousness. Dr. Quinn had a strong commitment to self-care and health, and encouraged this in colleagues and in patients.

The Diana K. Quinn, M.D. Award was established in 2002 with donations from her family, friends, and colleagues to honor the life of Dr. Diana Quinn. The award is given annually each to the UNM Psychiatric Center staff member and UNM psychiatry resident (years II, III, or IV) who best exemplify Dr. Quinn's compassion, service, and "dancing spirit."