Milton Rosenbaum, MD



Dr. Milton Rosenbaum received his undergraduate degree and his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati. He did residencies in neurology and psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital and later taught at Harvard Medical School. He then returned to Cincinnati General Hospital in 1939 as Professor of Psychiatry. In 1954 he founded the Department of Psychiatry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1955 he was the founding Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the new Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York. From 1985-2002 Dr. Rosenbaum was Professor Emeritus at The University of New Mexico Medical School.

In 2000 he received the prestigious Lifetime Distinguished Fellow award from the American College of Psychiatry for his achievements in the field. In 2003 the American Psychiatric Association elected him a Distinguished Life Fellow. In April 2003 he received the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Community Partnership Award for Philanthropy. The Philanthropy Award recognizes significant gifts from individuals and private foundations in support of the Health Sciences Center. 

Dr. Rosenbaum created two important endowments that fund psychiatric research and a lecture series in the UNM School of Medicine. An annual award is given to faculty in the Department of Psychiatry who best exemplify his traits of generosity and generativity. The striking metal sculptures on campus of the Mental Health Center and the Children's Psychiatric Hospital are in his honor as well. Among his most cherished accomplishments were being an outstanding role model, teacher and mentor to generations of future psychiatrists.