Jean Spigel, MD




Medical Degree, Pediatrics - Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

Jean Spigel, MD, attended Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and graduated AOA. She completed a pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, then came to Albuquerque and began a career in the Ambulatory Division in the Department of Pediatrics, first as a staff physician, then as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in 1983.

Dr. Spigel became the clinical director of the department’s pediatric clinic in 1983 as well. Her focus of activity was sexually abused children and she became adept at interviewing, examining and referring such children.

Outside the hospital Jean helped found the Children’s Safehouse in 1990, a haven for abused children. She was recognized for her excellence in teaching medical students and residents.

Unfortunately, she developed a rare form of cancer in 1993 and died at the age of 40 in 1994.