Emergency Medicine Excellence

Take a minute and thank a staff person for going above and beyond. If a co-worker has stepped up and helped

you out, send an e-card.


Increase morale, develop a culture of respect and responsibility, develop teamwork, celebrate accomplishment!


  1. Should be work related.
  2. Recognition really should be based on a staff person going above and beyond (not just normal duties).
  3. Consider UNM’s Guiding Principles:
      • Freedom of Inquiry
      • Integrity
      • Inclusiveness & Respect
      • Responsibility and Community
  4. Think about the EM professionalism statement, In the School of Medicine,there is a commitment to the attributes
    of professionalism, which includes:
      • altruism
      • accountability
      • excellence
      • duty
      • honesty
      • respect
  5. Let Amy or Azucena know if you get a card.
  6. The Department will recognize high achievers quarterly.

Thanks for participating!