The Chigaev Laboratory

Alexandre Chigaev’s research interest focuses on immune cell signaling and cell adhesion. The major goal is to create and apply state of the art techniques to identify and study the molecular mechanisms modulating the immune response and cancer cell signaling. The laboratory exists in a close collaboration with The University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery (Prof. Larry Sklar, PI), The New Mexico Center for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling (Prof. Bridget Wilson, STMC Director), The University of New Mexico Cancer Center (Prof. Cheryl L. Willman, Director & CEO), and The Translational Informatics Division of The Department of Internal Medicine (TiD) (Prof. Tudor I Oprea, Division Chief).

Microscopic images.

Microscopic images were generated in the University of New Mexico & Cancer Center Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource. See details. Molecular models and docking were generated by Drs. Liliana L. Halip, Cristian G. Bologa, and Oleg Ursu, all are the members of TiD team.