Department of Pathology Research

Centers and Core Resources

The Department of Pathology pursues basic, clinical, translational, and population research via an array of individual faculty laboratories, the leadership of research centers, and direction of core resources. Faculty very successfully compete for external grant and contract funding from the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, private non-profit agencies such as the American Cancer Society, and for-profit organizations to support projects and students. The links below highlight programs in centers and core facilities.

Facilities and Centers with Pathology Leadership

Cancer Treatment and Clinical Research Facility
C. Willman, MD

Center for Molecular Discovery
Hakim Djaballah, PhD

Center for Forensic Imaging
Natalie Adolphi, PhD

Clinical Translational Science Center
R. Larson, MD, PhD

Flow Cytometry
J. Gillette, PhD, W. Johnson, PhD

Fluorescence Microscopy
A. Wandinger-Ness, PhD

Human Tissue Repository and Tissue Analysis Shared Resource (HTR-TASR)
Dennis J. McCance, PhD, Edgar Fischer, MD, PhD

New Mexico Interdisciplinary HPV Prevention Center
C. Wheeler, PhD

Associated Facilities