Continuum of Care Training Videos

The following videos were filmed during Continuum of Care training sessions. The videos are grouped, where applicable, by training dates and themes. 

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I-DD Supports 1/31/2020

New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Nursing Association (NMDDNA) 10/25/2019
Part One - Sharon Whetten, M.Ed. “Clinical Laboratory Considerations for the I/DD Patient”
Part Two – Toni Benton, MD “Medical Considerations for Adults with I/DD”
Part Three – Chris Heimerl, MSSW “What the Heck Does Social Work Have to Do with Nursing?” (Part One)
Part Four - Chris Heimerl, MSSW “What the Heck Does Social Work Have to Do with Nursing?” (Part Two)

“Smiles of a Lifetime” 9/20/2019
Part One
Part Two

“Ethics, Sexuality and I/DD” 8/23/2019
Part One
Part Two

Keto Diet - June 14, 2019
Part 1
Part 2

Hospice - May 10, 2019
Putting Things in Order
Hospice As A Resource
Deepening The Well
A Natural Passage
Customs & Cultures

Post-traumatic Stress - Definitions, Considerations for People with I/DD, and Current Research
3/2/2019 – Jason Buckles, PHD

Session 1
Session 2

Moving Forward Together: Learning from Mortality Review for Quality Improvement
2/15/2018 - Dr. Kathy Burke & Dr. Ron Voorhees

Session 1
Session 2

Psychotropic Medications 11-02-18 - Part 1

Psychotropic Medications 11-02-18 - Part 2

Psychotropic Medications 11-02-18 - Part 3

NMDDNA 10-19-18 - 1. Medication Use

NMDDNA 10-19-18 - 2. Medical Considerations

NMDDNA 10-19-18 - 3. Pain Management

NMDDNA 10-19-18 - 4. Nutrition Plans

Behaviors 8-31-18 - Part 1

Behaviors 8-31-18 - Part 2

Behaviors 8-31-18 - Part 3

Behaviors 8-31-18 - Part 4

Diabetes Update for Nurses and Caregivers: Assisting and Coaching your Clients with Diabetes Management. 5/11/2018

Barbara MacMillan, MS, RN, CNS, CDE, BC-ADM

Behaviors that challenge our system. 3/9/2018

Jason Buckles, PhD, LPCC & Chris Heimerl, MSW

Moring part 1

Morning part 2

Afternoon part 1

Afternoon part 2

Aging: Aiming for the Good Years Ahead. 11/27/2017

Normal VS. Unusual Aging - Anne R. Simpson, MD, CMD

Ethics - Anne R. Simpson, MD, CMD

Ombudsman - Michelle Tschanz

Aging and Disability Resource Center - Gina Gallardo

Care Transition Program - Gina Gallardo

NMDDNA 10/27/2017

Annual Report

Healthy Sexuality - Jason Buckles, PhD, LPCC

Insurance Basics - Iris Clevenger, RN, BSN, MA, CCM

Ketogenic Diet - Yvette MAscarenas, MS, RD, LD, Carla Fedor, RN, CDDN

Aspiration Management and Enteral Tubes in People with I/DD. 2/3/2017

Comprehensive Aspiration Risk Management. Toni Benton, MD

SAFE Clinic Assessments. Fran Dorman, PT MHS

Feeding Options for Problem Feeders. Jacqueline L. Fridge, MD, ChB, MBA

Nursing Considerations for Enteral Tubes. Mary Gallegos, RN, BSN

Sleep Well... Live Well... (Essentials In Sleep Medicine) 11/11/2016

Overview of normal sleep. Melissa Begay, MD

Sleep Orders in Adults. Madeleine Grigg-Damberger, MD

Treatment for Sleep Apnea. Fran Ralls, MD

The Impact of Sleep Deprivation. Nancy Polnaszek, MBA

How We Do Diagnostic Testing. Lisa Cutchen, MD

Sleep Disorders/Epilepsy. Dr. Ianakieva

To Refer or Not to Refer. Shanna Diaz, MD

Masks/Machines/Techniques. Steven Lopez, RPSGT

All in Together Now... A Perspective on Guardianship. Presented by Ingrid M. Nelson. 8/26/2016

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Unlocking and Treating Depression in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Presented by Molly Faulkner. 6/3/2016

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Great Divide: Is Oral Health Vital or Optional? 4/22/2016

"Oral Health Basics"

"Oral Hygiene Assessment and Treatment Strategies"

"Part 1: Oral Health Challenges in People with I/DD. Part 2:Oral Exam & Brushing"

"Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy Procedures and Protocols Utilized in the Successful Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction"

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the DSM-V: Diagnosis, Comorbidity, and Interdisciplinary Approach to Intervention 3/11/2016

"Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Overview and Update part 1"

"Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Overview and Update part 2"

"Assessing and working with individuals with ASD: A view fromt the ground"

"Focus on OCD in adults with ASD"

"Beyond the ABC's: Cosidering ASD & behavior"

Constipation: Oh Poop! 9/25/2015

"Constipation: Oh Poop!"

Complementary and Integrative Therapies within our Personal and Professional Lives 3/27/15

“Medical Acupuncture: Past, Present and Future”

“Integrative Team Based Health Care: Caring for Patients and Families”

“A Beginners Mind: Exploring Meditation”

"Massage Therapy for Acute and Chronic care of Low Back Pain in New Mexico”

Integrative Medicine: An Opportunity for Specialty Populations?” 

Integrative Medicine: An Opportunity for Specialty Populations? -- Question and Answer Session

Panel discussion: Patient Case Study: Rehabilitation versus Quality of Life Treatment with Integrative Medicine

Seizures: Causes, Classifications, Treatments 2/13/15

Video clips shown during the training, part I

Video clips shown during the training, part II

"No Skin off my Back":  Going Beyond the Basics of Healing in the I/DD Community 11/14/14

"Skin: Our Cloak & Protector at Risk” Vera Asplund, BSN, RN HQ

"Pressure Ulcer Staging Review, Basics of Ostomy Care and Review of Product Categories” Esther Hattler BS, RN, WCC HQ

"Pressures part I- Breakdown, Staging, Redistribution” Jassmine S. Safier BSN, RN CMSRN, CFCN, Richard Murdoch, PT, CWS HQ

"Pressures part II- Breakdown, Staging, Redistribution” Jassmine S. Safier BSN, RN CMSRN, CFCN, Richard Murdoch, PT, CWS HQ

16th Annual NMDDNA Conference (10/24/2014)

Neuroimaging in Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Andrew Mayer Ph.D.

Diabetes Update 2014, Barbara Macmillan MSN, RN, CNS, CDE, BC-ADM  

"Fall Risk Assessment” Jocelyn Delgado, PT

Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics in Epilepsy Care,  Mikiko Yamada, MS, PharmD

Providing Solace During Transitions: Addressing End of Life Supports (5/9/2014)

Solace Teachings: Death, Education, Life Awareness

End of Life Care for Children

The Role of the Social Worker in Hospice

Care-givers: Learning How To Give Just Enough

Group Exercise with Case Scenarios

The 15th Annual NMDDNA Conference (12/6/2013)

Naturopathic Therapy and Aromatherapy


Massage & Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Oriental Pulse Diagnosis

Understanding Traditional Medicine: Healing From A Cultural Perspetive

‘Aspiration Update 2013’ Clinical Advances

Multidisciplinary Group Scenarios

Feeding Difficulties & Mismanagement

Oral Hygiene Resistance

Aspiration Risk Management Update

Head Position and Aspiration

Managing Eating Issues with Older Adults

The Four Stages of Swallowing

Spasticity and Health Maintenance in I/DD (5/10/13)

Baclofen Pumps

Goals and Care in Spasticity Management

Spasticity: Causes, Consequences & Treatments

Physical Therapy Interventions

The Role of Nutrition Rehabilitation

The Long And Winding Road, Challenges of Aging in I/DD (3/15/13)

Decision Consultation and DNR

Involuntary Movement Disorders


Making the Most of your Doctor Visit

The 14th Annual NMDDNA Conference (10/26/2012)

Honor In Conversation

Living & Inclusion Supports

Can We Keep It Clean? An Honest Talk On MRSA

Understanding Autism: Good Luck With That


Pain and Depression in People with I/DD (3/9/2012)

Interventions for Depression

Behavioral Changes Occurring in Pain and Depression

Pain Management in People with I/DD Part 1

Pain Management in People with I/DD Part 2

Cases for Discussion

Psychopharmacology Seizures and Behaviors (5/27/2011)

Assessing Abnormal Behavior

Good and Bad Uses of Rxs: Principles of Psychopharmacology

Integrating Medication/Behavior/Environment

Seizure Management in Persons with I/DD

Case Examples and Discussion

End of Life Issues for People with I/DD (4/29/2011)

Advocating -- for Peace of Mind (Healthcare Decisions)

Effective Advocacy in Long-Term Care Settings: a Team Approach

End of Life -- We Are All Going to Get There

Grief and Loss Awareness for I/DD Population and Caregivers

When the Time Comes: Collaborative Practices for End of Life Care

Enteral Tubes in People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (12/10/2010)

Dietary Considerations in People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Positioning of People with Enteral Tubes

Ethical Considerations and Quality of Life

Care and Feeding of Enteral Tubes

Nursing Considerations for Enteral Tubes

The Role of the Speech Language Pathologist

Discussion Panel on Enteral Tube Issues

Living Long and Prospering: Aging Issues for People with I/DD (4/23/2010)

A Consumer's Perspective on Living with a Disability

Connecting the Dots to Advocacy (Healthcare Decisions)

Medical Aspects of Aging in Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Is It Good for What Ails You?  Challenges of Psychopharmacology and Aging


Unlocking and Treating Depression in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities