Pathways was a school-based health-promotion program involving physical activity, nutrition, classroom curriculum and families. The study aimed to prevent obesity among Native American children by promoting increased physical activity and healthful eating.

The University of New Mexico Prevention Research Center carried out the research, which was funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Below are downloadable materials from this program.


Week  1 - Preparing for Our Journey [PDF]
Week  2 - Beginning Our Journey [PDF]
Week  3 - Setting the Pace [PDF]
Week  4 - Food for Our Journey [PDF]
Week  5 - Fruits for Our Journey [PDF]
Week  6 - Learning from Our Journey [PDF]
Week  7 - Continuing Our Journey [PDF]
Week  8 - Knowing Our Journey [PDF]
Week  9 - Choosing Everyday Beverages [PDF]
Week 10 - Keeping Up Our Pace [PDF]
Week 11 - Grains From Our Harvest [PDF]
Week 12 - Remembering Our Pathway Journey [PDF]

3rd Grade Curriculum Procedures Manual [PDF]



Week  1A - Our Story Continues - part A [PDF]

Week  1B - Our Story Continues - part B [PDF]
Week  2 - Our Cues to Exercise [PDF]
Week  3 - Everyday Foods: Our Best Choices [PDF]
Week  4 - Advertising: Our Everyday Snacks [PDF]
Week  5 - Water: Our Everyday Beverage [PDF]
Week  6 - Cooperation: Our Strength [PDF]
Week  7 - Planning: Our Key to Exercise [PDF]
Week  8 - Choosing: Our Low-Fat Foods [PDF]
Week  9 - Practicing: Our Great Race [PDF]
Week 10 - Label Reading: Our Skills Building [PDF]
Week 11 - Decision Making: Our Stores [PDF]
Week 12 - Finale: Our Pathways Great Race [PDF]
4th Grade Student Portfolio Materials [PDF]


Download the 4th Grade Family Packs:

Weeks 1-2 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 3-4 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 5-6 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 7-8 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Week  9 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 10-11 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Week 12 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]



Week 1A - Sharing the Best of Pathways - part A [PDF]
Week 1B - Sharing the Best of Pathways - part B [PDF]
Week 2 - Challenging Yourself Physically [PDF]
Week 3 - Choosing a Variety of Foods [PDF]
Week 4 - Doing Something Active Everyday [PDF]
Week 5 - Tasting Foods - Yesterday & Today [PDF]
Week 6 - Exercising with Friends and Family [PDF]
Week 7 - Eating Fruits & Vegetables [PDF]
Week 8 - Being Our Best and Passing It On [PDF]

5th Grade Curriculum Procedures Manual [PDF]

5th Grade Student Notebook [PDF]

5th Grade Family Challenges [PDF]

5th Grade Mt. Pathways Challenge Kit[PDF]


Other Curriculum Materials

Family Fun Nights

Food Services

Other Important Forms

Pathways physical activity component