Teen Outreach Program

Since 2009, The University of New Mexico’s Prevention Research Center has been facilitating the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) with teens from the Laguna and Acoma pueblos. This evidence-based, social-emotional learning program, supported by years of strong external research is funded by the New Mexico Department of Health’s Family Planning Program and integrates three core components: The TOP curriculum, community service learning, and competent facilitators. Teens are empowered with the tools and opportunities needed to develop social-emotional skills; promote healthy relationships and community connections; develop a sense of purpose, and avoid risky behaviors.

The TOP curriculum development by the Wyman Center, provides interactive, engaging lessons including content such as emotion management, problem-solving, goal setting, and adolescent health and wellness. The curriculum is designed to be inclusive and sensitive to the trauma that participants may have experienced.

Teens have opportunities to give back and engage with their communities through community service learning (CSL) projects. These experiences result in increased confidence, purpose, and connectedness. Teens are required to complete 20 hours of CSL throughout the 9-month program.

A caring, responsive, and knowledgeable adult facilitator guide all TOP meetings and projects and provide on-going support and coaching for teens outside of those group meetings.