Standardized Patient Program

The UNM School of Medicine Standardized Patient (SP) Program, one of the oldest in the country, started in 1979 and has expanded across disciplines. SPs are a diverse group of individuals representing the Albuquerque community from all walks of life and ages (over 16 years old). The pool currently has 150 SPs, aged 18-86.

Students interact with SPs in a variety of learning and testing activities. Training Specialists prepare SPs to portray patient cases for medical and other health sciences learners to practice clinical and communication skills, including: history taking, physical examination, other specialized clinical skills and patient-centered communication. SPs allow students to practice these skills in a safe, structured, faculty supervised setting before they encounter patients in a clinical environment.

  • Memorizes a patient’s character, social history, illness symptoms, and affect
  • Portrays patient cases in a standardized manner
  • Performs a patient case with students for learning and testing activities
  • Observes student performance and documents scores
  • Provides feedback
  • Able to portray a patient case in standardized manner
  • Great memory
  • Desire to help clinical students learn essential patient-care skills
  • Professional, reliable, punctual
  • On-call temporary UNM employee status
  • Intermittent assignments based on similarity with the patient case and experience
  • Starting at $11.00/hour
  • Group interviews are conducted on a regular basis in order to maintain a diverse pool of SPs.
  • Apply through UNM Jobs

Contact Assessment & Learning at 505-272-8028.