Figuring out better ways to care for patients.

For Our Students

Nursing is hands-on. And so is your education at the UNM College of Nursing. It starts in the classroom and expands quickly.

You will take part in real-world scenarios and hands-on learning in our skills & simulation labs. You will be in the field with patients supervised by your preceptors during your clinical experiences. Undergraduate students can even be interns at UNM Hospital. You will have the experience to excel in your nursing career.  

Hands-On Nursing Education

Nursing education takes on many forms. Explore the possibilities of your hands-on education at the UNM College of Nursing.

Nursing COVID-19 Guidelines

Why Our Program

As the No. 1 nursing school in New Mexico, we don’t just educate nurses. We change the entire field of nursing. We educate inquisitive professionals who improve patient care. Our nurses are scientists who find smarter methods of serving the people of our state.

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