PhD Program

Our scientific investigations look at health care from the nurse’s point of view, i.e., a holistic perspective and an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and approaching acute care, chronic illness and health promotion.

This area of expertise prepares our students to enter the tenure track or work in the health care industry as a nurse scientist.

Your Education

  • Didactic classes completely online.
  • A weeklong residency is held on campus each year in June, participation required.
  • Students are required to attend the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) Research Conference.

Explore the Curriculum

You Will Be Prepared

Graduates of the PhD program will demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Conduct independent research pertaining to the generation and synthesis of new knowledge and theory that contributes to the health of individuals and communities. 
  • Conduct independent formal inquiry pertaining to health care, reflective caring practice, critical synthesis of existing knowledge and the generation of new knowledge and theory.
  • Practice nursing reflectively, guided by theory, based on best evidence and integrating creative and critical thinking.
  • Cultivate research expertise relative to a particular population, setting or human response to health or illness.
  • Evaluate and critique social policy relevant to the organization and delivery of health care.