Death Certificates

What kinds of reports are produced?

The Office of the Medical Investigator produces three reports: the autopsy report (or external examination report), the report of findings, and the toxicology report. Although the Medical Investigator signs the death certificate, the document is finalized and distributed through the New Mexico Vital Records and Health Statistics.

How soon are reports available?

The report of finding is a one-page report that contains the information listed on the death certificate. It is normally available 10 working days after the death certificate is released to the funeral home. The autopsy and toxicology reports may take up to 12 weeks before being released. However, every case is unique and it may take longer to complete the necessary reports. To request reports please see: Request Reports.

Who can get copies of the reports?

Documents are provided to law enforcement, the district attorney, special government agencies, and the hospital providing treatment at the time of death. A copy of the autopsy report, report of findings, and toxicology reports will be provided at no cost to the next of kin upon request. For specific information on fees for reports see: Request Reports.

How is the death certificate obtained?

The death certificate is filed with the New Mexico Vital Records and Health Statistics office by the funeral home or crematory handling the arrangements. Usually the funeral home or crematory will provide copies, however copies of the death certificates can be obtained by the next of kin for a non-refundable fee by contacting:

The New Mexico Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
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Phone: 505-827-0121

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