Resources for the CUST Program


Required Courses and Electives -15 credits total:

Type of Activity Required Courses
(11 Credits)
Elective Courses - Chosen from one or a combination of courses (4 Credits)
Courses and Workshops BIOM 525 CMBD Journal Club (4 Credits), BIOM 540 University Teacher Training (2 Credits) BIOM 544 Human Anatomy (4 Credits), C&J 583 Teaching Assistant Resource Center Course (1 Credit), BIOM 541 Teacher Training Workshops (1 Credit), EdPy472/572, EdPy510,  or LEAD 529 Various Education Courses (3 Credits)
Teaching Practicum BIOM 542 Teaching Assistant Practicum (2 Credits) BIOM 542 Teaching Assistant Practicum (Variable Credits)
Individual Project BIOM 543 Independent Educational Immersion for Teaching Scholars (3 Credits) BIOM 543 Independent Education Immersion for Teaching Scholars (Up to 4 Additional Credits)
Teaching Portfolio Documentation of all activities described above plus a statement of teaching and education philosophy.

Graduate Resource Center Workshops: Calendar

Workshops on a variety of topics for graduate students including; Wellness, Reading Skills and Strategies, Financial Literacy, Time Management, and more.

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