Who We Are

In addition to our leadership and core faculty, CIDI works closely with numerous collaborators. Learn more about them on VIVO.


Thomas Byrd, MD, Director
Professor: Department of Internal Medicine 
Email: TByrd@salud.unm.edu
Office: Room G69A, Building 211
Phone: 505-272-1928 or 505-272-5666

Core Faculty

Bryce Chackerian, Principal Investigator
Professor: Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Email: BChackerian@salud.unm.edu
Office: Room 323 D, Building 253
Phone: 505-272-0269

Steven B. Bradfute, PhD
Assistant Professor: Center for Global Health, Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Internal Medicine

Michelle A Ozbun, Principal Investigator 
Professor: Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology 
The Maralyn S Budke Endowed Professor of Viral Oncology
Email: MOzbun@salud.unm.edu
Office: Room 317, Building 229
Phone: 505-272-4950

Terry Wu, PhD, Principal Investigator 
Assistant Professor: Department of Internal Medicine
Email: TWu@salud.unm.edu
Office: Room G39, Building 211
Phone: 505-272-8593


Martha Vigil, Unit Administrator 1
Email: MCVigil2@salud.unm.edu
Office: Room G69A, Building 211
Phone: 505-272-1928