Non-UNM Investigator Forms

Non-UNM Investigators that are working as consultants and independent collaborators that are affiliated with another university will need to complete the form below. They do not complete COI disclosures (certifications) in Click COI. This applies for submissions to the PreAward Office [Sponsored Projects Office, SPO], Human Research Protections Office (HRPO), and the Office of Animal Care and Compliance (OACC)

Most investigators on SPO subawards will not complete COI certifications in Click COI. Click COI software will determine if this is needed and the investigator will be informed by email. All other nonUNM investigators (with the exception of Mind Research Network employees, see below) will complete their disclosures in Click COI for submissions to the HRPO and the OACC.

Mind Research Network employees have their COI review process and only need to submit the following form when IRB review is done by the UNMHSC HRPO. They do not disclose in Click COI.

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