Upcoming Brain Awareness Week Events

BBHI- Brain Day - May 1st

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Neuroscience Day - Fall semester

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CBRR Seminar 

“The Role of Spreading Depolarization in Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries"

Russell Morton, Ph.D.

Monday March 16th, 9 am
Domenici Hall Room 1023 

“Intranasal Insulin in the Treatment of CNS Disorders”

Dr. Kim Byrnes, USUHS

Monday April 6th, 9 am
Domenici Hall Room 1023

“Reinforcement learning neuropathologies underlying psychiatric sequelae in Traumatic brain Injury.”

Dr. Jeremy Hogeveen

Monday May 4th, 9 am
Domenici Hall Room 1023


New Mexico Clinical Neurostimulation Meeting 2017

"Pushing the boundaries of clinical science"

Albuquerque, New Mexico
October October 4th-6th 2017
Supported by: The Center for Brain Recovery and Repair and Dr. Vince Clark, PhD (Dept. of Psychology) 

October 4th

The Hands-on Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Course was led by Drs. Marom Bikson, Helena Knotkova, and Adam Woods. Over 55 registrants and attendees participated in the didactic and practical training in using transcranial direct stimulation with overwhelmingly positive support indicating that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

October 5th- 6th

Approximately 115 registrants and attendees were treated with keynote lectures by the founders and leading researchers in neurostimulation.

Presentations by researchers in neurostimulation:

  • Michael Nitsche, MD
  • Bashar Badran, PhD
  • Marom Bikson, PhD
  • Vince Clark, PhD
  • Bernadette Gillick, PhD
  • John George, PhD
  • Roy Hamilton, MD, MS
  • Helena Knotkova, PhD
  • Phil, MD
  • Min-Fang Kuo, PhD
  • Sarah Pirio Richardson, MD
  • Davin Quinn, MD
  • Jay Sanguinetti, PhD
  • Claudia Tesche, PhD
  • Danny Wang, PhD, MSCE
  • Eric Wasserman, MD
  • Katie Witkewitz, PhD
  • Adam Woods, PhD

Attendees also enjoyed a reception and poster session held at the Hotel Parq Central which provided the opportunity to meet and network with researchers and clinicians interested in the use of neurostimulation techniques for research and clinical purposes. Researchers and clinicians from across the US, Canada, Germany, and Russia were in attendance.  We were pleased to provide travel support to individuals from Institutional Development Award (IDeA) programs, including the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, Louisiana State University, Brown University, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.