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Robert B. Loftfield, PhD

Robert B. Loftfield, PhD

Robert B. Loftfield, PhD


Professor of Biochemistry (1964-1989)
Chair, Department of Biochemistry (1964-1971; 1978-1989)

Dr. Robert B. Loftfield was one of the original faculty members at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine. A nationally known biochemist, Dr. Loftfield completed his undergraduate education and received his PhD from Harvard University.

In addition to a wife and ten children, he brought to New Mexico a passion for research and teaching. While he continued the scholarly investigation that led to many important scientific discoveries, Dr. Loftfield was instrumental in developing the curriculum for training physicians that is still used today.

Dr. Loftfield was honored in 2013 as a School of Medicine Living Legend.


Bob Loftfield was a most focused researcher, dedicated educator, loving father and kind friend.   Bob always gave his time, support, and energy to others.  He encouraged many undergraduate students to continue through post-graduate education and as Chairman of Biochemistry, invited the Biochemistry majors to attend a graduation celebration in his home each year.  Annually, he attended our Biochemistry Department Holiday/Christmas Party, often bringing one of his 9 children with him.  Bob was so proud of his children, who lived across the USA and the world,  and who made contributions to medicine, law, biomedical research, ocean commerce, primary education, business and more.   In his later years, when asked how he was, he would sweetly reply “should I start at the top and work my way down, or start at the bottom and work my way up?”  Bob had a great sense of humor, and never complained about the many health challenges that he faced.  Even when he was in the hospital, shortly before he passed, Bob was mentally as sharp as ever, remembering details of his research publications and reminiscing about traveling and camping with his many  young children through Europe in a van.  Bob is missed and it is a privilege to keep in touch with his productive, giving children.

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