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Cancer Biology BSGP Concentration

Earn a Cancer Biology Concentration and increase your competitive edge as part of the Biomedical Sciences PhD degree program. Trainees will gain focused and individualized training in cancer relevant disciplines. Choose from one of over 50 graduate faculty members constituting the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center – a NIH funded P30 Center.  Our faculty are extramurally funded and internationally recognized leaders in their fields. Trainees will be partners in making cutting edge technological advances in genomics, imaging, molecular and drug discovery.  The complexity of such medical advances also requires culturally sensitive community outreach and integration to assure that the dissemination of these advances will be effective and accepted by patients, caregivers and health care providers. Therefore, the concentration emphasizes interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary training, and engages trainees in the design of their own career development. The flexible curriculum enables students to choose from a menu of courses that offer training relevant to each of four major research themes –1) Cancer Control and Disparities; 2) Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics and Genomics; 3) Translational Cancer Cell Biology and Signaling; 4) Cancer Biotechnology, Drug Discovery and Targeted Delivery. Professional and development activities afford training in grantwriting, effective communication and presentation skills, entrepreneurship, and more. Trainees have opportunities to attend national conferences, be appointed to training grants, engage in teaching and mentoring others, and will be well prepared to assume jobs in diverse cancer research job sectors.


To earn a Concentration in Cancer Biology, graduate students are required to take the following:

Course No.Course titleCredit hours
Required courses:
BIOM 514Immunobiology3
BIOM 515Cancer Biology3
BIOM 522Experimental Methods and Design3

Following successful completion of the Qualifying Exam (as defined by the BSGP), graduate training will mainly focus on laboratory research supervised by the student’s mentor, and supplemented with the following advanced courses.

Course No.Course titleCredit hours
Required courses:
BIOM 583 or BIOM 605 or PHRM 593Journal Club (1 hr/semester)4
Select one of the following:
BIOM 505ST: Biostatistics2
STAT 527

Advanced Data Analysis

Select at least 6 hours from the following:
BIOM 505 or PHRM 598ST: with a Cancer Focusvariable

BIOM 510


BIOM 516

Molecular Genetics and Genomics3

BIOM 540

University Teacher Training2

BIOM 616

Molecular Virology3

BIOL 547

Advanced Techniques in Light Microscopy4

PH 502

Epidemiologic Methods I3

PH 532

Cancer Epidemiology2

PHRM 536

Introduction to Pharmacogenomics2

PHRM 576

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology1

PHRM 580

General Toxicology2