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About Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development (CME/CPD)

William F. Rayburn, MD

William F. Rayburn, MD, MBA
Associate Dean
CME & Professional

UNM provides continuing medical education (CME/CPD) to practicing physicians and interprofessional teams to promote lifelong learning that will enhance professional competence and performance and improve patient outcomes. The CME/CPD program’s goal is to helps physicians gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to provide safe, high-quality health care to their patients.


  1. To improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of physicians and health care teams with topical and relevant information
  2. To foster desirable physician attributes, such as Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, American Board of Medical Specialties and Institute of Medicine core competencies
  3. To encourage interdisciplinary education and promote collaborative practice
  4. To encourage understanding of the ethical issues affecting the practice of medicine
  5. To improve practice through the activities that link CME to quality improvement, patient safety and improved patient care.

Content Areas

UNM CME/CPD covers biomedical knowledge, clinical skills, patient care, communication skills, ethics, professionalism, practice-based learning, systems-based practice, prevention, behavioral health and disease areas identified as high priorities by the New Mexico Department of Health. Patient safety and the special needs of New Mexico’s diverse ethnic and socioeconomic populations are a priority.

Target Audience

CME/CPD activities are primarily directed to New Mexico physicians and interprofessional teams especially those in rural, underserved areas.

Type of Activities

Activities include symposia and conferences, regularly scheduled series such as grand rounds and case-conferences, mini sabbaticals, enduring materials, web-based CME and other media as appropriate. Joint sponsorship with New Mexico-based nonprofit organizations and with specialty societies with UNM faculty leadership is a priority of UNM CME/CPD.


The CME/CPD program will evaluate changes in physician and team member competence as demonstrated by physician and team member learning and improved physician and team member skills as measured by enhanced self-efficacy. Other factors include improved performance, as demonstrated by physicians’ and team members’ intention to change, identification of barriers to change and actual practice change and/or improved patient outcomes measured at the population level.