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Services Provided by OMSA

  • Jury duty exemptions. Notify OMSA and a letter exempting you from jury duty can be written.
  • Letter of good standing or other type of customized letter verifying your enrollment in the MD program. Email with your request and office staff will create a letter for you.
  • Transcripts. OMSA is able to provide students with unofficial transcript copies upon request. If you require an official transcript, it can be ordered through the UNM Main Campus Registrar's Office
  • Renewing PowerChart access. Once you've completed the “Online PowerChart Training for Medical Students” training on Learning Central, provide OMSA with a copy of your HSC Badge (both sides) and your contact information. OMSA will forward a PowerChart request to HSC Help Desk. They will contact you with login instructions.
  • Renewing email access. If you have lost access to your salud email account, first contact HSC IT to address the problem. If the issue is caused by an expired role due to a leave of absence or dual degree status, please contact OMSA and we can update your access.
  • Replacing HSC Badge. To replace your HSC badge please come by OMSA to pick up a badging form. Our signature must be original and you must take the form to the badge office the same day.
  • Visiting elective documentation. Final year MD students may be asked to provide various documentation for their away elective applications (copy of malpractice insurance, background screen verification, OSHA training certification, etc.) Many times OMSA is able to provide these documents.

Student Organizations

The Office of Medical Student Affairs works closely with the UNM Student Activities Center to ensure support for North Campus Student Organizations. This includes, but is not limited to, information on the annual Student Organization Fair, Re-Chartering Workshops, and Student Activities Center resources. More information can be found on the UNM Student Activities Center website.

Student Amenities

  • MD Student Lounge – A student lounge is provided for MD students and is located in the basement of Fitz Hall (the room next to the vending machines). The student lounge is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. There is also a ping pong table, foosball table and television. Sporting equipment (Hula hoops, footballs, soccer balls, etc.) is stored in the Student Lounge cabinet and can be checked out by visiting OMSA. Contact OMSA for the current Student Lounge code.
  • MD Student Lockers – First- and second-year MD students are assigned a shared locker. The locker assignment and combination are provided to students during orientation. Third- and fourth-year MD students may be assigned a personal locker in the UNM Hospital. Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis. For locker information, please contact OMSA at or 505-272-3414.
  • LoboPerks – The UNM LoboPerks program is a partnership between the LoboCard Office and vendors designed to bring discounted goods and services to the attention of the campus community. For more information visit the UNM LoboPerks website.
  • HSC Wellness Center – The HSC Wellness Center (Gym) is located on the second floor of Domenici Center West Wing, directly above the UNM Medical-Legal Bookstore. The gym is open 24/7 (with HSC Badge access). For more information about the HSC Wellness Center and other HSC Wellness programs, visit the HSC Wellness website.
  • Women’s Resource Center - The Women’s Resource Center is a place of advocacy, support, and safety for all members of the University of New Mexico and greater community. Through a feminist model of empowerment, the center offers educational, social, and cultural programming aimed at encouraging women’s self-determination and community engagement. The Women’s Resource Center promotes awareness and the advancement of women’s rights to ensure equity regardless of gender identity, sex, race, ability status, age, sexual orientation, economic class, or religious affiliation. The center seeks to facilitate understanding and mutual respect among all campus and community members to achieve social justice, as well as foster a positive UNM environment. The UNM Women’s Resource Center provides the tools and resources necessary to enhance success within academic, personal, and professional aspects of students’ lives. 

Student Safety

  • LoboAlert Messages - The University of New Mexico has three types of messages (LoboAlert, LoboAdvisory, and LoboTest) that will go out campus-wide to alert students, staff and faculty of any safety issues. Read more information about LoboAlert Messages.
  • Emergency Blue Phones – UNM has Emergency Beacons and Emergency Phones around campus. These Blue Light phones connect directly with UNM Police Dispatch. Find a phone near you.
  • Security Escort Service – The UNM Police Department offers escort services to anyone needing an escort from an on-campus location to another on-campus location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 505-277-2241 for more information.
  • LoboRESPECT – LoboRESPECT is the name of UNM’s comprehensive approach to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct in our campus community. Information on prevention education efforts and programs, services and support for victims of sexual misconduct, hate/bias (including incident reporting), and policies can be found on the LoboRESPECT webpage.
  • LoboGuardian – LoboGuardian is a mobile app that increases user safety by creating a virtual safety network of friends and family. With this app you can 1) Can set a Safety Timer and Status, 2) Easy Emergency Communication, and 3) Report a Tip. To learn more about LoboGuardian.