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Peer-to-Peer Support

Peer-to-Peer Support Program for Faculty

Since 2000, when Dr. Albert Wu coined the term “second victim,” it has been known that medical staff members require support in difficult times. To help in that endeavor, the UNM School of Medicine Office of Professional Wellbeing is offering a Peer-to-Peer Support Program for faculty members who have been involved in adverse events. The purpose of our program is to create a safe way for clinicians to talk about their experience and emotions with a colleague.

Program Goals

The program’s aim is to offer confidential, emotional support with suggested strategies that have helped other clinicians. Five departments are part of our pilot program: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Dermatology and Surgery. Peer-to-peer counselors from each department have received training, and future plans include expanding services to all departments. By providing support and understanding for our colleagues, we will move a step closer to a culture of wellness at UNM.

How to Self-Refer

All program contact is by self-referral. If you have a need to talk to someone, please email A peer counselor outside of your department will then contact you to arrange for a conversation or meeting. Note: If you are outside of one of the five pilot program departments, please also email, and we will try our best to accommodate you.

To learn more, please download these flyers: