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Video Gallery

This page shows some of the various videos we have created as educational resources, for social marketing purposes, or to provide guidance on how to implement similar projects.

UNM HSC Step Into Cuba

Based in scenic Cuba, New Mexico, Step into Cuba is a program to promote healthy physical activity through development of sidewalks, paths, trails, social support, and opportunities for lifestyle change. It is guided by a partnership of organizations and individuals – the Step Into Cuba Alliance – and coordinated by the Nacimiento Community Foundation. The University of New Mexico’s Prevention Research Center, also an important partner, is providing evidence-based strategies and conducting research on the program’s effectiveness. The UNM PRC, along with the New Mexico Department of Health and the UNM Communications and Marketing Department, recently produced a series of videos on the Step Into Cuba program, in an effort to help other New Mexico communities launch similar efforts. This overview video is the first in a series of six vignettes that help explain what has become a national model for healthier communities. Step into Cuba videos.

Child Health Initiative for Lifelong Eating and Exercise (CHILE)

The Child Health Initiative for Lifelong Eating and Exercise (CHILE) has concluded its five year grant at the Prevention Research Center. CHILE developed, implemented, and evaluated e a multidisciplinary, trans-community obesity prevention program among American Indian and Hispanic children ages 3 to 5 enrolled in Head Start programs across rural New Mexico. Head Start is a federally funded preschool program for low-income families. The project, funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), was implemented in sixteen Head Start centers in rural communities throughout the state. Half of the Head Start centers received the CHILE intervention and the second half received the intervention beginning in Fall 2010.

RAPS: New Mexico youth put health data into action

The Risk/Resiliency Assessment Project for Students (RAPS) is a positive youth-development project that puts public-health data in young people's hands and empowers them to engage adults at their school and in their community to change troubling statistics, as well as celebrate their strengths demonstrated in the data. Raps is expanding to new schools and community organizations beginning in fall 2014. For more information about RAPS, contact Dr. Linda Peñaloza, Principal Investigator at (505) 272-4462 or Email:

Social Marketing

This project is funded through the USDA, and is subject to The USDA Nondiscrimination Statement. (English) (Spanish)

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