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Fifth-Grade Curriculum

Pathways Fifth Grade Curriculum

The Fifth Grade Teacher’s Guide is provided herein as it was taught during the full scale study of Pathways. You are invited to download this guide containing all lessons, student materials, posters, family packs etc. necessary to teach this curriculum. Please note in doing so that there are items that will need duplication for student use, enlargement in the case of the posters, and reorganization of envelopes for the Family Packs.


It is important again to emphasize that lessons are to be taught in sequence in order for students to build skills. Unlike the twelve weeks in the third and fourth grades, the fifth grade curriculum covers a period of only eight weeks. These are again necessary to be taught in sequential order from Week One through Week Eight in order for students to acquire the fullest impact of each lesson.

Download the 5th Grade Teacher's Guide by week lessons:

Week 1A - Sharing the Best of Pathways - part A [PDF]
Week 1B - Sharing the Best of Pathways - part B [PDF]
Week 2 - Challenging Yourself Physically [PDF]
Week 3 - Choosing a Variety of Foods [PDF]
Week 4 - Doing Something Active Everyday [PDF]
Week 5 - Tasting Foods - Yesterday & Today [PDF]
Week 6 - Exercising with Friends and Family [PDF]
Week 7 - Eating Fruits & Vegetables [PDF]
Week 8 - Being Our Best and Passing It On [PDF]

A Procedures Manual was developed for use in training teachers using a Train the Trainers model. The process to set an agenda for training and the scripting of lessons are contained within this manual. In addition, there is a detailed listing of the materials needed in putting together a Teacher Box for teaching the Fifth Grade Curriculum.

Download the 5th Grade Curriculum Procedures Manual [PDF]

Description of the Pathways Fifth Grade Curriculum:

The Fifth Grade curriculum provides students opportunities to take new skills in nutrition and physical activity and apply them to their own lifestyle. An understanding of the traditional foods that contributed to a healthy lifestyle is incorporated along with the way these foods were cooked. While students increase their appreciation of traditional foods, they continue to use their knowledge of Everyday Foods, Everyday Beverages, Everyday Snacks, and Sometimes Foods. Reading nutrition labels to identify the number of servings in a meal are important lessons to apply this knowledge. Students become aware of serving sizes in containers of foods and beverages. They also learn how to measure the amount of fats and sugar in the serving sizes of these foods and beverages.

Students develop map skills through the basic information on maps of the seven nations. Lessons are both creative and challenging with emphasis upon self-monitoring in goal setting for nutritional and physical activity goals. Students work in teams to practice providing leadership for younger students through teaching a physical activity or modified American Indian Games. A fun activity is a Pathways Puzzle that allows students to recap information such as Pathways Messages, foods and beverages.

Download the 5th Grade Student Notebook [PDF]

The fifth grade has the Mt. Pathways Challenge that focuses on five trails with increasing levels of physical activity. A trail, such as the Yellow Bead Trail, consists of six stations allowing selection of the action movement at each station marked by a cone. As students progress through the Red Bead Trail, Blue Bead Trail, White Bead Trail, and the Green Bead Trail, cones are to be placed at an increased distance to heighten the challenge of each trail. Trailblazers provide leadership and issue challenges as to the number of ending laps to walk/run around the stations. The progress is monitored on a wall chart, Mt. Pathways, as well as a Pony Bead chart in the student notebook. At the conclusion of the Mt. Pathways Challenge, students receive colored pony beads in the color of each trail that was completed.

A student notebook for the fifth grade provides students with nutritional and physical activity information. Activity sheets, maps, and stories are provided to assist students with completing the lessons throughout this grade level.

Download the 5th Grade Family Challenges [PDF]

Download the 5th Grade Mt. Pathways Challenge Kit[PDF]

Errata for the Fifth Grade Curriculum:

Pathways Nations Foods poster spelling of the Lakota word Wakatapi should be corrected as Wakapape. Similarly, correct Wozapi to be written as Wojapi